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Martin Bednář, head trainer, coach, and director of AD FONTE

Martin Bednář
  • The holder of the highest achievable certification - NLP - Master Trainer, the only one in the Czech Republic
  • 7 years of experience as a coach, trainer and speaker
  • 20 years of experience in management and sales
  • 2 children


  • 2012 Master Trainer of NLP certification, Robert Dilts, USA
  • 2009 MQ (Mental Quotient / Positive Psychology)
  • 2009 Trainer of NLP
  • 2008 Master Practitioner in NLP

Testimonials for Martin Bednář

I attented a training session where Martin was the trainer and I really liked the very friendly and effective way he managed and conducted it. His advice and coaching helped me a lot in improving my approach... to the job, people and life. Thanks, Martin!

Antonio Iossa, ExxonMobil

“Martin is a highly knowledgeable trainer and coach. His approach to teaching is fresh and innovative and appeals to all. Highly recommended.”

Andrew Camilleri-Fyfe, ExxonMobil

Martin is a very knowledgeable, highly organised and effective trainer. His extensive business experience, interpersonal communication skills and creativity contribute to lively and informative workshops that... provide attendees with a variety of valuable tools which can be applied in both professional and private contexts.

Hamish Weir

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English NLP practitioner in Prague

For those of you who would like to take responsibility for your life and use the benefits that NLP offer on this quest we are planning a NLP Practitioner training.
We will be working on your personal development during the training. You will learn more about yourself and gain skils enabling you to develop your personal and professional effectivity.
The NLP Practitioner in Czech language starts at September 2014.

How you will benefit from English NLP practitioner in Prague program?

You will learn

  • Think about your goals in ways that make them easier to achieve
  • Learn to develop the skills of Emotional Intelligence by yourself
  • Change limiting beliefs to empowering ones
  • Develop the art of asking questions that bring the most information
  • Learn to learn any new skills with modelling
  • Continually improve your performance
  • Create new options
  • Develop awareness of the main building blocks of thought and experience
  • Use body language to establish and maintain good working relationships
  • Read the minimal cues that let you know how others are thinking
  • Shift wievpoints between your own, another´s and observer´s until you find the winning move
  • Develop the skills of top Communicators

We will start later

Let us known, if you would like to attend the English NLP Practitioner. We need 12 people to start with.

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