Martin Bednář

Martin Bednář, head trainer, coach, and director of AD FONTE

  • The holder of the highest achievable certification NLP - Master Trainer, the only one in the Czech Republic
  • 14 years of experience at leading and managerial positions
  • 8 years of experience as a coach, trainer and speaker
  • 6 years of experience at sales positions

Testimonials for Martin Bednář

I attented a training session where Martin was the trainer and I really liked the very friendly and effective way he managed and conducted it. His advice and coaching helped me a lot in improving my approach... to the job, people and life. Thanks, Martin!

Antonio Iossa, ExxonMobil

“Martin is a highly knowledgeable trainer and coach. His approach to teaching is fresh and innovative and appeals to all. Highly recommended.”

Andrew Camilleri-Fyfe, ExxonMobil

Martin is a very knowledgeable, highly organised and effective trainer. His extensive business experience, interpersonal communication skills and creativity contribute to lively and informative workshops that... provide attendees with a variety of valuable tools which can be applied in both professional and private contexts.

Hamish Weir

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